SDBG - Eclipse debugger for GWT SuperDevMode

...and for JavaScript with Sourcemaps in general

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How to get started? Watch SDBG and GWT 2.7 in action!
Download the sample project from the screencast.
Note that in addition to SDBG, you need the GWT SDK & GWT Eclipse plugin.


Install using the SDBG Plugin Update Site (

You can also download SDBG as a ZIP archive.


Any comments, bugs or issues should be directed to the SDBG Forums (Google Groups),
or to the SDBG Issues list at GitHub.


SDBG is roughly on-par with the Chrome DevTools JavaScript debugger.

Some limitations:
  • (Issue #6) Variables are displayed in JavaScript (shared with Chrome DevTools).
  • (Issue #52) Support conditional breakpoints.
  • (Issue #22, #21, #20 and #18) Support more browsers.
For more information check the SDBG Issues list and the file.