SDBG - Eclipse debugger for GWT SuperDevMode

...and for JavaScript with Sourcemaps in general

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19.10.2023 SDBG 2.2 Released

SDBG has been released in Version 2.2 with the following enhancements

  • Better Firefox support
  • Fixed automatic Chrome/Chromium detection on OSX

10.03.2023 SDBG 2.1 Released

SDBG has been released in Version 2.1 with the following enhancements

  • Better Firefox support - Show more variables
  • Installable from Marketplace

SDBG 2 Released

SDBG has been released in Version 2 with the following enhancements

  • Fixed Runtime Error on JAVA 11. This allows newer Eclipse Versions to be used.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge
  • Added support for Chromium
  • Added support for Firefox
  • Allow to switch between browsers at runtime and per launch configuration
  • Renamed "Launch Chrome" to "Launch Browser"
  • Added Property "-Dbrowser.location" and Environment Variable "BROWSER_LOCATION" to specify the Path to the Browser Executable.
  • Updated some dependencies


Install using the SDBG Plugin Update Site (

or using the Eclipse Marketplace
Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Beta Version

Install using the SDBG Plugin Beta Update Site (


  • If you're migrating from SDBG 1 you may need to change or remove the "-Dchrome.location" Property in order to be able to use Firefox. If one of the System Properties or Environment Variables is used, it must match the browser in the launch configurations "Browser search order"
  • The used browser can be changed in the Launch Configuration by changing the "Browser search order". The first Browser in the given order that is found will be used.
  • If your Browser is not found, the easiest way to add it's path to the PATH Environment Variable.
  • For Firefox you will need to fix the Impl class by super-sourcing it, on
    all GWT Versions <= 2.10 until GWT Bug #9787 has been fixed. Proposed Bugfix is here
    No longer needed in SDBG 2.2


SDBG supports Chromium, Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Some limitations:

  • Firefox support is new. Sometimes it needs more then 1 attempt to connect (try reloading the page or restarting firefox).
  • (Issue #52) Support conditional breakpoints.
For more information check the SDBG Issues list and the file.


Any comments, bugs or issues should be directed to the SDBG Issues list at GitHub.