Welcome to the SDBG plugin update site - BETA releases

This web page provides automatic distribution and updates for the beta releases of the SDBG plugin.

NOTE: If you prefer to use the stable version of the plugin, please go to https://sdbg.github.io/p2

Plugin requirements

Eclipse 4.22 or later is required. Older Versions may work, but are no longer testet or supported. The plugin requires Java 8 or later.

Plugin installation

To install the SDBG plugin:

  1. In Eclipse, click on Help -> Install New Software... -> Add...

  2. (The "Add Repository" dialog will appear)

  3. For "Name", enter "SDBG" or something similar

  4. For "Location", fill-in the URL of this web page (https://sdbg.github.io/p2beta)